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Ever the proud Australian, recent events have highlighted to me the value of our beautiful country, and how fortunate we are, ‘our home is girt by sea’, Australia is bountiful in nature and places to visit. At the core of ourselves as individuals we are always unified by this glorious country, its history, marine and wildlife, and stunning, adventure enticing landscapes. 

Shooting in a quintessentially Australian and widely known location invites working with mostly Australian designer pieces, it was a given as I primarily want to work with Australian brands for the journal. I focused on natural fibres and colour tones to meet the beautiful landscapes that I was able to capture.. read more


Photographer, consultant, writer, artist.

Maintaining a focus on global engagement, prospering connections and sustaining authentic creative relationships wherever she works, Alicia Joan Rose values partnering with brands she loves and purposes she’s passionate about. As an established and prominent creative director, Rose implements a unique creative skill set in photography, writing and consulting, with strategic acumen and expert knowledge. Her beginnings, post studies in fashion business, included high-end fashion modelling, designing and running her own label and freelancing as a sought after stylist to high-profile clientele globally. Since establishing her journal in 2012, Rose has gone on to collaborate with and consult to both international and domestic brands. Rose is currently constructing a new creative project.



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