The online platform of Joan Rose on social media specialises in over five years that Ali Rose dedicated to branding and content creation. Studying photography, editing, image and publicity, liaising with collaborators and defining her brand, Ali developed specialised knowledge in mastering the industry of marketing and branding in an online industry. Now that her brand has shifted and developed into a unique level of structure and artistic value, Ali remains ept in advancing her knowledge further.

Joan Rose now offers to unveil the secrets and coveted information to influencers, businesses and the like, so that they may also discover the knowledge and creative requirements in order to grow a successful brand. A gap lies within the industry for authentic education, and resources that the client can take with them to use in their work for years to come. Joan Rose consults exclusively to a select few clients at a time, in order to focus solely on the client and ensure an exceptional standard of consultation and the full scope of information is shared with each client, to their brand’s specific business and marketing needs. Some businesses or influencers may prefer discretion, which is an option as part of the consulting agreement when you become a client of Joan Rose for creative consultation.

Joan Rose advises on all aspects entirely, including:

Photography and Editing

Online Readership Growth and Engagement

Business Relationships and Collaborations

Social Media

Software and Apps

Income Generation and Expectations

Business Organisation and Systems

Website or Blog Construction (including coding methods)

Management and Agency Options

Trends, Styling and Artistic Value

Joan Rose consults to clients in a manner that enables them to never require consultation again. Joan Rose offers programs all individually categorised from simple to more intensive levels depending upon what each individual or business is seeking. All education includes one on one meetings, including photoshoots, from one day only programs to ongoing consultation over a period of several months.

To discuss options for growing your brand, contact Ali Rose directly: